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Mark Durkin Planning

One day I visited my parents while they vacationed in central Idaho. I played golf with my dad and the next day he had a stroke. The whole right side of my dad’s body was paralyzed. After 3 days in the hospital they sent my father via a private air ambulance back to their home state of Arizona and to a nursing home for rehabilitation.

Therapy for my dad lasted 25 days and was covered by his insurance. The next 4+ years in the nursing home was paid from my parent’s savings and nearly wiped out their estate. If my parents had purchased long-term care insurance their assets would have been protected. My mother would have been able to do the things my parents saved for while they were working instead of seeing their savings depleted paying for a nursing home.

I specialize in long-term care insurance. I’ve been selling long-term care insurance for over 10 years and have seen the consequences to families when they don’t plan. All my policies will pay for home care, assisted living and nursing home expenses.

I live in Overland Park Kansas with my wife Kathleen. I have three grown children: Christopher, Melissa and Katherine.  Christopher is married to lacie and they have three beautiful daughters.  Right now two of my children live in Cincinnati and one in Indianapolis.

Mark Durkin CLTC